Garage Heaters

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No more waiting for nice weekends. With a garage heater in Hodgenville, Kentucky, from Phelps Heating & Cooling, you can work on things year-round, in spite of weather.

These compact units provide extra perks than just optimizing floor space for your hobbies.

They can help stop frigid start-ups keeping your mode of transportation in great running order no matter the conditions. And offer a more pleasant switch from your residence to your mode of transportation, as well as a sheltered area for outdoor animals during very cold weather conditions.

Distressed about space? The models we offer have an inconspicuous container, so you’ll have added flexibility and ceiling room. Heat an issue? Inquire about including a separate combustion heater.

With several different sizes and capacities to pick from, you’re sure to find the garage heater that fulfills your needs.

Start the process by chatting with our heating and cooling pros as soon as possible at 270-358-3167. We’ll help you select the perfect equipment for your space.

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4 Advantages of Preserving Your Garage Heat

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Heating Up your space during inclimate temperatures yields several benefits, including:
  1. Keeps your vehicle warm during frigid weather.
  2. Helps warm difficult areas, like second-floor bonus areas or bedrooms above your shop.
  3. Offers a relaxing area for building.
  4. Makes available a heated location for pets or plants.

Make the Most of Your Workshop with a Garage Heater

Investing in a garage heater lets you develop hobbies all year long or enjoy a more comfortable transition from house to car on freezing mornings.

Give us a ring at 270-358-3167 today and give yourself some added space that can be used every month of the year.

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